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Action Planning Workshops for Economic Recovery and Reinvention

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The global pandemic has hit island economies hard. Recovery calls for tough decisions; reinvention demands smart solutions.

A comprehensive action plan is key for such an economic recovery and reinvention; a plan that builds on unique island strengths in a practical and inclusive way.

Let us help you develop this plan through our 360° Impact Model – based on our vast island experience and delivered through advisory firm Island Innovation. The objective: to go from surviving to thriving.

The Urgency to Act
for Island Economies:

  • A dramatic fall in tourism revenue.
  • A continued dependency on food and energy imports.
  • A risk to the social cohesion of local communities.
  • A continued challenge to have access to finance.
  • Unique moment in time to implement innovative ideas.

Deciding what actions to take is key → the 360º Impact Model

The 360° Impact Model was designed by a group of island experts to develop action plans for reinventing island economies. It is a structured, interactive, and inclusive process of island stakeholder engagements. It helps prioritize decisions to solve the biggest challenges and tap into feasible opportunities. These decisions mean action: from bottom-up (tactical) interventions to top-down (strategic) policy measures. Depending on the DNA and USP of the island, the set of actions will vary – from tourism to energy to biodiversity to education – to form a coherent whole that takes into account existing initiatives and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The 360° Impact action planning engagement is offered by a team of experienced island experts. Where needed they can also tap into a vast network of specialists and relevant cases.

Arno Boersma

Founding Partner, Island Impact

Arno Boersma is a founding partner of Island Impact, a strategy firm for islands. As a knowledge strategist, Arno has worked for various multinational firms and development agencies such as the World Bank and the UN. He was until recently the director of UNDP's Center of Excellence for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Development States.
Arno Boersma

Founding Partner, Island Impact

Bianca Peters

Founder of 360º of Innovation Foundation & Island Impact

Bianca Peters is the founder of 360º of Innovation Foundation and Island Impact. Until 2017 she was the senior advisor to the Prime Minister of Aruba on innovation and sustainable development. Since then she has worked for many islands across the world, in both the public and private sector. She is on the steering committee of the UN Local2030 Islands Network.
Bianca Peters

Founder of 360º of Innovation Foundation & Island Impact

James Ellsmoor

Founder, Island Innovation

James Ellsmoor is the founder of Island Innovation, an advisory firm that builds digital bridges between islands to find innovative sustainability solutions. He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and writer, and co-founder and director of Solar Head of State, an international nonprofit working with island governments to raise awareness of renewable energy.
James Ellsmoor

Founder, Island Innovation

Countless Combinations by taking a 360º Perspective

The 360° Impact Model consists of three discs that can ‘rotate’ to expose a multitude of combinations of action areas. Our team will guide you and your stakeholders through the different steps in the process in order to turn the best combinations of actions for your island into a clear action plan.

1. USP

The ‘Core Disc’ is at the center and addresses the identity and unique selling proposition (USP) of the island’s economy. Together we will ensure clarity and agreement on fundamental insights such as What are your core values? What do you (want to) stand for? What makes you unique? What uniqueness can be leveraged?

2. Driving Forces

The ‘Drivers Disc’ includes all stakeholder groups that influence the economy. Since any solution needs to be inclusive, it uses a triple helix perspective. It surfaces answers to key questions such as What role does X play? How can X contribute? What’s in it for X? How can X collaborate and join forces with Y?

3. Impact Areas

The ‘Impacts Disc’ includes the areas that can be leveraged for most impact and benefit. It is aligned with the SDGs grouped into the 5 P’s of Sustainable Development. In short, it revolves around: What are the opportunities? What should we focus on? Which actions bring most impact? How do we overcome obstacles?

The three discs of the 360° Impact Model do not turn in isolation. Throughout the process, it considers internal and external factors. The internal factors are based on a top-10 list of prerequisites such as political will, adequate resources and constructive mindset. At the same time, there are global trends – external factors – that can be leveraged of which the 10 most promising ones will be taken into account, from digitalization to renewable energy to indigenous knowledge.

Examples of our relevant work supporting islands


The creation of the Build Back Better week following devastating hurricanes, including a hackathon for a more resilient future; and the Financing Resilience initiative that connected UN SIDS ambassadors to key resiliency institutions.


Launch a string of island innovations on Aruba, including UNDP’s Centre of Excellence for SIDS, collecting and sharing best practices from islands around the world, including technical assistance missions, from the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the Caribbean.


The Virtual Island Summit and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit Caribbean, connecting thousands of island professionals in the public, private, non-profit and knowledge sectors to address common challenges and collaborate to work on shared.

How we will engage with you

Based on an initial conversation, the team will design and propose a 360° Impact program that fits your specific needs and desired outcomes. The engagement can consist of a combination of interviews, brainstorms, workshops, and other interactive modules. It will leverage your input, case studies, lessons learned and similar island experiences elsewhere.  The engagement will result in an action- and implementation plan that is inclusive in terms of stakeholders, feasible in terms of resources and coherent in terms of leveraging a combination of the most important promising opportunities. It will include clear overview of smart goals, tasks, timelines and accountabilities linked to the overall goals.

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