Announcements and Submissions

Thank you for sharing your news with us! This guide outlines our criteria for sharing information with our network and the options that are available to you.

We get such a large volume of inquiries that we are unable to respond personally to all of them, so below you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions and directions to become more involved in our community.

Please feel free to add a post in our Facebook and LinkedIn groups if you are interested in requesting collaboration from the wider Island Innovation community.

Can I share a news story to be added to your newsletter or social media?

We gladly welcome suggestions of relevant island news stories to be shared on our platform. The story should have a strong island connection and also fit with the topics we cover such as sustainable development, good governance, renewable energy, climate change action, SDGs, blue economy, ocean conservation, agriculture, etc.

We can only accept articles published by a reputable outlet. We cannot accept press releases, PDFs, word documents or emails containing the news story. If you want your article to be considered, please provide the link of the media outlet in which it was originally published. We also consider original article submissions; details on criteria are listed here.

We also welcome inquiries from organizations interested in sponsorship opportunities in the newsletter, events or blog.

Can I share a news story in your LinkedIn and/or Facebook groups?

Absolutely, if it fits within our scope and meets the group rules, we encourage you to post in our Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Our groups are moderated and only relevant content will be accepted.

Can I share an event with you so you can add it to your newsletter, website or social media?

We only share information about events organized by Island Innovation and our clients. Due to so many incoming requests to promote events, we cannot share other events, unless you would like to sponsor our newsletter or other content.

Can I share an initiative I have to help the environment?

If you are planning on taking action in your island community, we applaud your efforts!! You can share the news in our LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Please keep on doing what you’re doing, and know that your work is needed in the world! If you would like to engage in sponsorship/promotion of the project or receive our expert advice, you can get in touch for these paid services.

I want to write an article to be featured on your website/newsletter.

Please refer to our Article Submissions page for further details.

If your question/comment falls under one of these categories, please consider this your official response! If it doesn’t, our team will do our best to get back to you. Thanks so much for supporting Island Innovation!