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Despite the unprecedented difficulties that organisations have faced in 2020, Island Innovation has been able to continue working successfully, due to the remote working business model that our team has operated with since our start. This has allowed us to grow from strength to strength this year, continuing to expand and pursue our mission of creating sustainable solutions using digital bridges and helping to connect island communities from around the world, as well as adding new members to our team.

Announcing our newest team members

We are very happy to announce to you the latest members of the Island Innovation team, Audrey Joachim and Jennie Holmes!

Audrey Joachim:

Audrey is an expert in business development and growth and has joined the Island Innovation team as our director of operations and growth, which will include taking charge of account management and client acquisition. 

She is an advocate for a more conscious and united world, is passionate about helping companies and people to grow and likes to see herself as a ‘Growth Hacker’. When it’s time to take ownership of business development strategies through meaningful leadership, challenges, risks and constant innovations, Audrey is the person that businesses contact for advice and assistance.

Audrey has an impressive career background, including working in Silicon Valley, California, as well as expanding the operations of a company in India. She is now living back on her home island, the French West-Indies island of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, and loves to share her multicultural point of view of life from all of these experiences.


Jennie Holmes:

Jennie is a Digital Marketing expert who has joined our team to assist with transforming our web presence and to help with communicating what exactly Island Innovation is and does in a more coherent way, through our newly designed and expanded website. 

Jennie has worked with both social enterprises and large companies such as Microsoft and Motorola. Her areas of expertise are digital marketing strategy and social media strategy. She is a self-described ‘data nerd’ and loves measuring marketing performance and driving constant improvement. 

She is from the UK and currently resides in Creuse in rural France, where she takes full advantage of being able to work remotely, including now working as a consultant with us for the next six months, before embarking on a year-long round the world trip with her family.


We are very pleased that both  Audrey and Jennie will join the Island Innovation team and that they believe in the work that we are doing and our shared vision. 2020 has led to many exciting opportunities and growth for us that we are confident that we can build upon next year.

To view all members of the Island Innovation team you can see our team page here.

Looking towards 2021

Due to the success of the Virtual Island Summit 2020 and the Island Responses webinar series, Island Innovation has been able to execute projects for various clients this year including EnergyX, the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) – Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) Week, Energy Peace Partners and The Water Institute at UNC. For 2021, in addition to virtual events for clients, we have already lined up our next virtual conference, The Island Finance Forum 2021 on April 14th and 15th, and The Virtual Island Summit 2021 from September 6th – 12th.

While we are not currently hiring new team members, our Fellowship Program remains open which includes a number of different internship options for those interested in helping us to continue to achieve our mission of increasing the sustainability, resilience and success of island communities across the globe. If you are interested in joining the Island Innovation Fellowship Program you can apply here.

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