Study fully online or blended for a Master by Research or PhD in Islands and Small States Studies

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The Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI) at the University of Malta is offering a fully online or blended Master by research in Islands and Small States studies (full-time or part-time), as well as a PhD programme.

Access all the details about these opportunities on the Institute’s website and on the University’s Course Finder.

This inter-disciplinary postgraduate course relates, among others, to economic, social, environmental and political issues associated with islands and small states. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the ISSI is now offering the opportunity to follow courses in a hybrid/blended manner, using secure platforms and dynamic interaction techniques with all academics. You can opt for part-time study if you so wish, which will allow more time for writing your dissertation.

The ISSI is a centre of excellence in teaching and research associated with islands and small states, hosting world renowned scholars and lecturers, and has been offering the highest academic and professional standards for over thirty years. Watch our promotional video and discover the numerous opportunities that studying with us can offer to your career advancement, personal development and networking.

The Maltese Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade (MFET), in collaboration with the University of Malta, is providing scholarships for students who are nationals of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA). For the Academic Year 2022/23, the MFET will be offering two scholarships for students reading for a full-time Master of Arts (Research on Islands and Small States). Selection criteria, among others, include past academic achievement and quality in the research proposal.

Furthermore, the University of Malta is also offering scholarships for the waiving of tuition fees, including for Doctor in Philosophy (PhD) students: access this link for full details. Browse through this website to learn more about entry level requirements.

Deadlines to submit expression of interest is 17th April 2023, for the application is 12th June 2023 at 14:00h CEST, however, we recommend that you contact us the soonest; we will be happy to discuss your research interests and guide you through the application process.

If you require further information, including guidance for your application or have any questions about our PhD programme or working careers, write to us: [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you!

To learn more visit :

About the Author
Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI)

Based at the University of Malta, our Institute evolved from the Islands and Small States Programme which had been set up in 1989 at the Foundation for International Studies, Valletta. In 1993, the Programme was restructured as an Institute with the principal aim of enabling the organisation to offer academic courses. We offer postgraduate courses on islands and small states studies as well as the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Starting October 2020, in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the ISSI had offered its study programmes fully online, to then to a hybrid approach.


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