COP27 Daily Update: What to expect on climate finance?

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Climate finance has been a hot topic these past few years of negotiations, but the Parties have failed to agree on a solid, unanimous funding commitment. Financing for climate adaptation and mitigation implies helping SIDS, islands and developing countries tackle loss and damage issues by building infrastructure and security against the effects of climate change.

The annual $100 billion fund that was established by wealthier countries to address climate adaptation is yet to be achieved. In fact, it is no longer sufficient. Research indicates we are facing intensive climate change risks before the end of this century, besides all efforts that have been done to reduce emissions.

Vulnerable communities are unfairly suffering consequences of the climate crisis. Let climate justice be made by driving urgent action, firm political decision-making, international cooperation and increased investment funds. Also, prioritizing climate-resilient development actions, such as nature-based solutions, will be key discussion topics during COP27.

What we are looking forward to this week

Solarisation of Pacific Head of States Residences
Date & Time: 11 November, 09:00 – 09:55 AM (Egypt)
Location: Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion
Ecoship: A Transition Model for the Decarbonization of the Maritime Sector
Date & Time: 11 November, 5:00 – 6:00 PM (Egypt)
Location: Hall B, Green Zone
Organization: Peace Boat
GLISPSA Bright Spots Event Series: Fostering Island-led Local Action into Global Coalitions: Spotlight on Climate Adaptation
Date & Time: 12 November, 5:00 PM (Egypt)(Egypt)
Location: Moana Blue Pacific Pavilion and Livestream
Organization: GLISPA

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