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Leading up to COP26 the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (CCSA) became an Island Innovation client, and both before and during the conference our team assisted them on the promotion of the vital work that they have been doing in the Caribbean region. The primary objective of the Accelerator is “to help transform the region’s economy by fast-tracking sound public and private investment opportunities that support climate action and economic growth through sustainable development”.

The CCSA was the official sponsor of our ‘Island Space @ COP26’ which included live-streamed webinars and conversations with experts, daily bulletins, an island related COP26 agenda and social media updates. You can view our Island Space here.

One of the CCSA’s underlying goals is to help facilitate the successful collaboration of Caribbean Governments with the private sector, including financial institutions and some of the largest global companies, as well as charitable foundations, thus leading the region on “an irreversible path to generate 90% of electricity from renewable resources and electrify the transport sector by 2035”. Ultimately, the CCSA which was launched in 2018, aims to help the Caribbean become the first climate-smart zone, powered completely by renewable energy.

“Definition of a climate-smart zone: The aim of a climate-smart zone is to reduce climate vulnerability and build economic security for its citizens. A climate-smart zone is characterized by:

1. Reduced vulnerability to a range of climate-related hazards and natural disaster risks through building resilient infrastructure.

2.  Reduced greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and other pollutants.

3.  Healthy ecosystems on the sea to support the Blue Economy.

4.  Healthy ecosystems on land for food security.

5.  Enhanced energy security via promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy and use of low carbon sources.

6.  Incorporation of one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals in all major projects sponsored by Governments.”

The World Bank, August 2018

The impacts of climate change differ from region to region and island to island, including within the Caribbean, so decision-makers must be able to implement the right solutions for their island, to best protect their communities. Through the development of its Resilience Scorecard, created to help island nations respond to the climate crisis, Racquel Moses, CEO of CCSA, has highlighted that there are opportunities for islands to develop their own climate solutions.

Racquel Moses on COP26TV: Climate Finance & Resilience:

Climate finance, and loss and damage, are two core issues facing vulnerable and island nations. While COP26 may not have provided much relief, the private sector has shown an interest in filling in the gaps, as highlighted in this webinar ‘Caribbean Sustainability and Prosperity: Climate Finance & Climate Action’, presented by Racquel Moses.

As part of Island Innovation’s work for CCSA, we offered our media services and were able to secure many high-profile interviews, as well as article publications and mentions in prestigious media outlets for Racquel. These include:

  • Climate Pledges At COP26 Could Do More To Address Sea Level Rise Threatening Island Nations – Forbes, November 2021
  • Show us the money: Vulnerable nations cry for help – Sky News, November 2021
  • Caribbean vulnerability and innovation in focus at COP26 – The Jamaica Gleaner, October 2021
  • Climate change is a ‘death sentence’ for island nations. Why are we not listening to what they need? – EuroNews Green, November 2021

If you would like to learn more about the services that Island Innovation offers, and view examples of work we have done for other clients from around the world, click here. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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