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Partnering the Island Space @ COP26 is the perfect way to connect and engage with your audience. Partner with us and get exposure accross the world to over 500+ islands, a community of 70,000 members including local and national governments, private sector and utilities, research institutions, NGOs, finance and insurance leaders.

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“The Virtual Island Summit proved to be an excellent and efficient way to reach many of our key target audiences from customer and prospects to partners, investors and a diverse range of island stakeholders. We look forward to supporting this year’s conference in an even more meaningful capacity.”

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché

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Frequently Questions Ask

Why should I attend the Island Space @ COP26?

Island Innovation’s mission is to drive sustainable change across islands and rural areas around the world. The devastating consequences of climate change due to rising greenhouse gas emissions are deeply concerning to us, as they have particularly severe consequences for islands. We are committed to helping our audience stay informed about this critical issue and doing everything in our power to help tackle the climate crisis!

COP26 is a crucial international summit that has the potential to turn the tide on global warming and avert the worst effects of climate change. We are planning to use this important opportunity by combining our knowledge of resilient, sustainable islands, with our proven ability to successfully collaborate with island communities around the world, to amplify the voices and knowledge of islanders to a global audience.

How much does the Island Space @ COP26 cost? Do I need anything to participate?

The island space is totally free!! You can sign up here, and all you need to take part is an internet connection and the Zoom webinar software.

How do I participate?

All are welcome to participate in the island space – feel free to invite friends and colleagues. Participants can take part in every session, or simply choose the sessions most relevant to them, and are all encouraged to join the social media conversation.

Will the Island Space be recorded?

The island space will be broadcast LIVE, taking place over multiple days in various time zones. Ideally, we want guests to join live as there will be opportunities to ask questions and interact with fellow attendees. However, all sessions (excluding the networking sessions) will be recorded and made available online a few weeks after the event.

What is Island Innovation?

Island Innovation is a global network that connects island stakeholders through digital communication and events. Our platform helps drive sustainable change across island and rural communities by sharing innovative projects and best practices. Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with private sector companies, governments, universities, NGOs and utilities to connect them with the island stakeholders vital to the success of their sustainability projects.

Can I sponsor the Island Space?

We have limited opportunities for sponsors of specific sessions or the event as a whole. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, contact us here, and we will be in touch.

How can I get involved with Island Innovation?

Thanks for your support! If you want to get involved with Island Innovation, take a look at our Ambassador and Fellowship Programs.