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Event Highlights & Discussions:

The Nadroga-Navosa Province Student Association was invited to a virtual conference where Mr. Lui Manuel, who is the Conservation Officer, was the guest speaker. Mr. Manuel was invited to highlight the strategies that the Conservation Unit has in place to address the issues of sustaining natural resources and combatting the effects of climate change in the Nadroga-Navosa Province, based in Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island. This event was organized by Timaima  Samulo Mocenanuma, one of our Ambassadors from Viti Levu island.

In addressing those strategies, the conservation unit led by Mr. Manuel has mapped out the following measures that will be their focus:

  • Establish and facilitate community waste management initiatives in the communities.
  • Facilitate the identification of prospective sites, strengthen, and monitor existing Marine Protected Area(s).
  • Promote the preservation of cultural and historical sites and revitalization of traditional environmental knowledge.
  • Strengthen the capacity of Natural Resource Committees.
  • Improve communication of Natural Resource Management (NRM) through review and development of effective communications tools.
  • Identify pilot communities to Conduct DRR awareness (Village Level).
  • Conduct stakeholder consultation and oversee the implementation of DRR programs.
  • Identify pilot communities for the Food Security initiative through partner and community consultation.
  • Organize logistics and oversee implementation of a food security initiative.
  • Conduct stakeholder consultation and oversee the implementation of the Agro-farming initiative.
  • Conduct stakeholder consultation and oversee the implementation of the Reforestation initiative.

Through the above strategies and the high level of proficiency of the conservation unit, the Province of Nadroga-Navosa has been in the forefront in terms of sustaining Natural Resources and Climate Resilient efforts.


The meeting was hailed a success by the participants who were patriotic in their discussions as they had their Province at heart. Mr. Manuel, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, dedicated all efforts to the support from line ministries, NGO’s, community leaders and particularly youths for being at the centre of it all.

The performance of the conservation unit was captured through the following:

  • 30% Waste management plans developed and endorsed by village council by 2021
  • 20% of Marine Protected Area(s) sites identified
  • UNESCO International Environmental Days successfully facilitated
  • Capacity building program for Natural Resources committees conducted
  • DRR Awareness conducted for pilot communities
  • Food security program implemented
  • Agro-farming program implemented
  • Organic farming program implemented
  • Reforestation program implemented

Action Plan:

The address from Mr. Manuel was simple:

  • That to empower the need to conserve our environment is to educate our future leaders on its importance.
  • That community leaders are to voice their concern in areas of their environment.
  • That youths play a leading role in combating climate change in our nation.

Event Participants:

  1. Lui Manuel – Nadroga/Navosa Provincial Council – Conservation Officer (Guest Speaker)
  2. Buatavatava 
  3. Inoke
  4. Atekini
  5. Rabo
  6. Naborisi
  7. Timaima
  8. Leano
  9. Galo
  10. Joana
  11. Seveci
  12. Vaciseva
  13. Tubua
  14. Tui
  15. Tikoinasau
  16. Eta
  17. Apikali
  18. Epeli
  19. Peni
  20. Marisilina

You can find out more information about the Island Innovation Ambassador Program by clicking here.

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