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E-mobility: driving progress in islands all around the globe

By March 31, 2021April 1st, 2021No Comments

Electromobility (E-mobility) is a general term for the development of electric-powered drivetrains designed to shift vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions.

Financing the Green Energy Transition & Low-Carbon Infrastructure is one of the main topics at the Island Finance Forum 2021. On Day 2 we will host a session on: “Investing in Transportation Electrification: Building the Business Case for E-Mobility”.

There is growing recognition that we can’t solve the climate change problem without addressing transportation, and electric mobility is now seen as essential for long-term global sustainability. Islands represent a unique electric mobility conundrum. On the plus side, they tend to be relatively small so range issues are reduced, they have high fossil fuel prices so electric vehicle (EV) economics are more favorable, and many island governments have committed to a low or zero carbon future. On the minus side, high electricity rates, high EV prices, limited infrastructure and small economies represent a considerable barrier to widespread EV adoption. This panel will discuss how, given these pros and cons, the business case is currently being built for electric mobility investments on islands. Panel members will include representatives of multilateral development banks, commercial banks, private developers/investors and utilities. The panel is intended to help inform and inspire those who want to move electric mobility forward on islands and elsewhere.

Sign up and take part in this free virtual discussion where attendees and panelists deliberate on e-mobility, from electric cars to battery-powered ferries across the world’s islands, as well as the way forward in advancing electric transportation.

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