Island Innovation Awards

Dedicated to Islanders Driving Positive Change

Dedicated to Islanders Driving Positive Change

About the Awards

In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative, the Island Innovation Awards will recognize individuals, organizations and projects driving positive change for remote and island communities globally.

  • There will be 12 award categories judged by an esteemed Jury.
  • Organizations and individuals across remote, rural and island communities will have the opportunity to apply.
  • The selection and judging will be a highly transparent process, ensuring the integrity of the process and validating the winners.
  • The focus of the awards will be on sharing the how of success from the winners, so other communities may benefit.

Why Apply?


Winners will be publicised across the Island Innovation and Clinton Global Initiative networks, and prominently highlighted on the Island Innovation website. Interviews and case studies will be published and shared with our global community of 35,000+ email newsletter subscribers and 100,000+ social media followers. Winners will also be sent an award badge to display on their website, social media, and newsletters.


The awards are an important opportunity for unsung heroes to gain the publicity and recognition that they deserve. These are individuals, organizations, or projects that are dedicated to making a significant positive impact within their local island communities. Through the awards, a global audience will join us in celebrating their achievements.


The jury includes an international panel of 20 highly distinguished individuals. This includes former Presidents, United Nations Leaders, and other experts. From this esteemed jury, entrants will gain productive feedback which will significantly benefit their future work and projects.


Island Innovation will help to organise new opportunities for our winners, including sending them potential funding, collaboration, and networking opportunities. There is also the possibility of being nominated by our team for The Earthshot Prize, as Island Innovation is an official nominating organization. It is important to note that each of the five Earthshot Prize categories can only be won by those nominated by official nominating organizations, and the award cannot be applied to.

Inspire Others

A major element of the Awards is to inspire other island communities. Award winners will not only be bringing about change within their communities but will also be inspiring a positive change in island communities across the world. They will be playing an influential role in facilitating the expansion of Island Innovation’s global knowledge-sharing platform for islands, a key element of Island Innovation’s mission.

The Earthshot Prize

Island Innovation is an official nominating organization for The Earthshot Prize a global prize launched by Prince William, designed to solve our planet’s greatest environmental challenges. Island Innovation has been invited to submit nominations across all five categories. Winners in each category are awarded £1 million to help scale and roll out their innovations.

Thank you to the Jury