How To Create A Successful Virtual Event

Download the step-by-step checklist on everything you need to run a successful virtual event

What you will find in this checklist:

  • Event foundations
  • Revenue streams
  • Event tech
  • Speakers and Agenda planning
  • Marketing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive and actionable content
  • Created by experienced professionals
  • Based on Island Innovation’s processes
  • Tested and optimized by our team

Want to make your event organization much simpler?
Let our expert team help you.

We support your team every step of the way. This includes:

  • Securing your speakers
  • Setting up the tech for your event and training your team
  • Marketing your event through digital channels
  • Reaching out to media outlets
  • Assisting with graphic design, web development and copywriting

Island Innovation is a communications agency that specializes in virtual events. Our signature event is the Virtual Island Summit, which connects 10,000+ participants with 100+ speakers, representing 250+ islands. We offer virtual events consulting for government agencies, international companies, and non-governmental organizations.

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