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Excerpt from BBC.Com

In a matter of months, all eyes will be on Scotland for climate crisis talks of world significance – but at the same time, a proposal is afoot to tap a new oil field west of Shetland for further fossil fuels.

November’s COP26 summit in Glasgow will see representatives from across the world gathering to try to reach agreements on how to reduce emissions – aka greenhouse gases.

The UK government has promised to take the lead role in what is seen by many as our last, best chance to prevent global temperatures from spiralling out of control.

But environmental groups have accused ministers of “hypocrisy” after it emerged that the development of a vast new North Atlantic oil field at Cambo, west of Shetland, could get the green light.

Tessa Khan, an international climate change lawyer who founded Uplift, one of a number of groups signing a letter against the Cambo proposals, accused ministers of automatically nodding projects through without thinking about their climate impacts.

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