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COP26 is billed as the “last best shot” for the world to try to limit global warming to 1.5ºC. On the second day of the conference, the theme ‘Together for Our Planet’ provides an important platform to showcase the need for international collaboration. Supporting those already facing the harshest effects of the climate crisis must be a central part of building solutions.

Fiji – part of the Alliance of Small Island States – will push rich governments to agree to deliver $750 billion a year to support climate action in poorer countries from 2025 – up from an unmet annual pledge of $100 billion.

Key themes for COP26


Secure global net zero and keep 1.5 degrees within reach.


Urgently adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.


Green transformation of financial systems.


Work together to deliver.

“Having this assurance documented in an agreed plan is essential for building trust amongst countries heading into discussions in Glasgow. This will help to get COP26 back on track.”

Andrew NortonDirector at the International Institute for Environment and Development

The G20 Summit in Rome concluded yesterday as the COP26 climate talks kicked off in Glasgow. The final communique includes several strong signals calling for bold climate action. G20 leaders noted the importance of strengthening national climate action this decade and reaching net-zero emissions by or around mid-century. For the first time, they committed to halting international financing for building unabated coal-fired power plants abroad.

News and key insights

Today’s Island-related events

Climate Action – Harnessing the Power of Networks!

Time: 15:30 – 17:00
Location: Science Show Theater, Green Zone, Glasgow
Organization: Foundation For Environmental Education

Through panel presentations, the event will showcase stories of positive actions from around the world. It will bring together voices of different stakeholders such as youth leaders from Eco-Schools, managers of Green Key awarded establishments, municipalities with Blue Flag accredited sites and Young Reporters for the Environment.

Special invitation

Climate Change Message in a Bottle: Bringing the Voices of Island Youth to COP26

Climate Change Message in a Bottle is a project funded by the Scottish Government which aims to bring the voices of island youth closer to COP26. After learning about climate science, clean energy and COP26, schoolchildren have written their messages to COP26, demanding climate action from political leaders at the summit.

Pupil, Marown School, Isle of Man – “We need you to help us because we are getting floods and I am worried about us not having enough water for our whole island. So, we need more solar panels, more reusable glass and less petrol cars and you need to stop cutting down trees otherwise our whole earth will change.”

“The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency off the west coast of the UK. It is 572km2 and home to 83,314 people. It was the first national government in the world to give women the vote, in 1881! Its traditional language is Manx, a Celtic language.”

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