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The forum ‘Dialogues on the Future of the Circular Economy’ held in the Balearic Islands has had in its opening ceremony with the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Spain, Reyes Maroto. A space in which he has described the Islands as a “pioneer and leading region in this economy”, whose objective is to turn linear production into a model that takes advantage of resources for a longer time. Thus, he has highlighted that “It will be key to combat climate change”.

During the meeting, he explained that the circular economy should serve to leave linear productions behind and direct efforts towards a more sustainable model. In this scheme, according to Maroto, the Balearic Islands «will play a strategic role in improving economic competitiveness and creating new jobs ”. With this in mind, the Government presented the Circular Economy plan last May, with a budget of 1,500 million euros. The objective, to promote sustainable initiatives.

In this sense, the minister has highlighted the plan ‘Pyme Circular’. Proposal that was launched to integrate small and medium-sized companies into the circular economy. What’s more, has announced the creation of new circular products. On the one hand, a smart tourist destination, “an initiative that the Palma City Council has joined this year.” On the other, a series of innovation actions in the field of energy efficiency, for which 540 million euros will be allocated.

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