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Excerpt from CNN Edition

The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry, as hotels, restaurants and airlines in destinations around the world find themselves going broke or dramatically cutting back costs as they try to survive.
But there’s one place on the planet where there are too many tourists right now: the Chatham Islands.
Haven’t heard of them? It’s okay; you’re not the only one.
The remote Pacific Ocean archipelago near the international date line is technically part of New Zealand.
And as New Zealand’s borders remain mostly closed and locals are advised to not travel overseas at this time, the Chathams — about 500 miles east of the country’s South Island — have become 2020’s hottest getaway for Kiwis.
In a typical year, the Chathams — whose two main populated islands are Chatham Island and Pitt Island — get about 2,000 tourists. That compares to about 700 full-time residents, most of whom live on Chatham Island, the largest of the archipelago.
But 2020 is no typical year.
The Chathams’ remoteness usually makes it a part of the country that New Zealanders never get around to visiting. Now, that remoteness is an advantage, with travel-starved Kiwis turning to the islands as a way to feel like they’re on a far-off holiday without having to quarantine or take a Covid test.

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