Advancing Forest Conservation in São Tomé and Príncipe

Advancing Forest Conservation in São Tomé and Príncipe

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On the island of São Tomé, one third of the territory is covered by mostly primary forests, an exceptional natural habitat for various species of fauna and flora that present a very high level of endemism. More than 33% of the country’s population depend directly on these areas for livelihoods, further underlining their importance.

To safeguard this natural heritage, Law Nr. 06/2006 was created to protect these habitats, which include the forest ecosystems of the centre of the island, the mangrove of Malanza (the largest mangrove in the country) and the savannah area of Praia das Conchas and Lagoa Azul. With this background, BirdLife International is collaborating with government institutions, civil society, and the private sector in several conservation actions, based on objectives defined in the Strategic Plan for STP for 2021-2030.

“We believe that changing mindsets is a long-term process and is only possible when all parties are united to achieve a common goal. To this end, we have implemented various actions, involving and empowering stakeholders, to maintain or improve the conservation of STP’s natural heritage”, notes Abigail Varela, BirdLife International’s Conservation Officer for the Island of São Tomé.

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