Bermuda is on a mission to expand its marine conservation laws

Bermuda is on a mission to expand its marine conservation laws

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Through consultation with residents and local fishermen, Bermuda is looking to expand its ocean conservation efforts. Named The Blue Prosperity Plan, the project will attract global investors to its Blue Economic Zone in exchange for protecting its vibrant marine habitats.

The island of Bermuda is often referred to as the ‘jewel of the Atlantic,’ and for good reason.

Though commonly mistaken as part of the Caribbean, Bermuda is located in complete isolation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Its nearest land point is the American state of North Carolina – a vast 1,030km stretch from its shores.

The tiny, 21m² island’s remote location and strict conservation policies have allowed it to retain its rich marine biodiversity. Aside from low levels of washed-up plastic pollution, it remains relatively unscathed by environmental degradation.

Now, the local government is partnering with the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Project to expand existing marine conservation laws further. The likelihood of the project happening has been bolstered by international investors looking to finance the island’s blue economy.

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