BTA highlights island’s sustainable tourism champions

BTA highlights island’s sustainable tourism champions

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Four of the island’s ecologically friendly organisations were highlighted by the Bermuda Tourism Authority as part of World Tourism Day today.

The BTA joined with others in the United Nations World Tourism Organisation in celebrating sustainability around the theme of Rethink Tourism.

The authority’s social-media campaign gives a nod to several “change agents” on the island:

• Matthew Kitson, food and beverage director at Huckleberry at Rosedon Guest Suites, whose “farm-to-table philosophy” showcases the work of executive chef Damien Griffith, and kitchen staff

• Weldon Wade, communications co-ordinator for the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme, who advocates the protection of Bermuda’s waters

• Earlena Ingham, co-owner of Natural Mystic Hub, who discusses her business’s contribution to the growing holistic food movement on the island

• Kimberley Fisher, of The Agra Living Institute, who promotes food self-sufficiency, connecting with nature and boosting Bermuda’s agricultural identity

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