Excerpt from SDG Knowledge Hub, a project by The International Institute for Sustainable Development

At the two-year mark of the Pacific region’s sustainable development plan, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat has released an update report measuring progress on the SDGs. It focuses on nine action areas contained in the 2018 Quadrennial Pacific Sustainable Development Report that aim to contextualize the SDGs to Pacific realities.

The nine action areas, which align with a commitment by the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders, are:

  1. Addressing vulnerability and increasing inequality;
  2. Tackling gender gaps and high youth unemployment;
  3. Continuing to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth;
  4. Intensifying multi-sector efforts with increased finance to address non-communicable diseases;
  5. Strengthening efforts to tackle the dual threats of climate change and disasters;
  6. Addressing the consequences of population growth and poor waste management practices;
  7. Continuing to address de-risking issues and the high cost of sending remittances;
  8. More effective use of existing and new finance and stronger coordination; and
  9. Increasing investment in the collection and use of timely and accurate disaggregated data.

The report makes recommendations for the nine action areas. To address vulnerability and reduce inequality, it recommends that countries strengthen existing social protection and economic empowerment measures, develop education policies and programs to promote disability inclusive education, and mainstream an inclusive approach to ensure all development, including COVID-19 response and recovery, delivers shared benefits that include vulnerable groups.

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