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‘I’m amazed how resilient, adaptable and optimistic the people of Sumatra are,’ conservationist and HAkA Sumatra founder Farwiza Farhan says in the first moments of this podcast episode about the women and communities she works with, for the final installment in Mongabay’s special series on Sumatra.

The giant Indonesian island faces many environmental challenges as the series discusses, but there is also tremendous hope and good progress thanks to the work of people like her and educator Pungky Nanda Pratama, who also joins the show to describe how his Jungle Library Project & Sumatra Camera Trap Project are opening the eyes of the next generation to the need for protecting their fabulous natural heritage.

Host Mike DiGirolamo shares the effectiveness of their efforts, what they are hopeful for, their biggest challenges, and the role of grassroots organizing in protecting and revitalizing the land, wildlife, and people of Sumatra.

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