Creating Sustainable Solutions With Digital Bridges

Creating Sustainable Solutions With Digital Bridges

We are constantly looking for new ways to connect with our global audience in order to share vital sustainability knowledge with communities around the world. We have virtual events, a blog, profiles on all major social media channels, a YouTube channel and a regular Island Innovation newsletter, but one missing element was an Island Innovation Podcast.

This is something we are currently in the process of rectifying! While not quite finished yet, our podcast will be ready very soon. Our aim will be to invite a diverse group of speakers from all walks of life and locations across the world to talk about topics and solutions related to creating successful global island communities that are more environmentally sustainable, equitable and inclusive, through a variety of positive developments.

Such ideas that we will likely discuss include what steps need to be taken towards dramatically increasing in the use of renewable energy sources, creating greater levels of sustainable food production, reducing the reliance of island communities on mass tourism, and decreasing the levels of wealth inequality through political, social and economic changes so as to nurture more stable societies which in turn should improve environmental sustainability.

Our podcast will likely be on a weekly basis, last around one hour and be available on all major podcast platforms.

Although the Island Innovation podcast isn’t ready yet, you can hear our founder James Ellsmoor speaking as a guest on a number of different podcasts such as:

Stay tuned for the first episode of the Island Innovation podcast which we will be launching very soon!

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