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February 9th, 2021

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6am (Honolulu) – 8am (Vancouver) – 11am (Jamaica, Miami) – 12pm (Bermuda, Trinidad & Tobago) –
4pm (London, Madeira) – 8pm (Seychelles, Mauritius) – 5am next day (Auckland, Fiji)

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Meet Our Speakers:

Rosanna Lopes

Digital Nomad Community Organiser

Micaela Vieira

Project Manager at Startup Madeira

Audrey Joachim

Director of Operations and Growth at Island Innovation

Representative from Ireland

Representative from Barbados

This webinar is hosted by James Ellsmoor, CEO & founder of Virtual Island Summit (VIS). VIS is an annual online conference with interactive sessions connecting 10,000+ attendees and 100+ speakers from 500+ island communities around the world.

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