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Change the narrative on rural, remote and island regions
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Customised speaking and 1-1 coaching engagements

We work to deepen an audience’s understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world’s most isolated regions. Through speaking engagements or 1-1 coaching, we change the narrative on rural, remote and island regions by demonstrating how they can become centres of innovation and create world-changing solutions. The speaking services we offer are either at in-person events or virtual events and 1-1 coaching with James is available via virtual meetings.

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How we work

James’ wide-ranging experience in international politics, academic institutions, non-profits, government and the private sector, means his speaking engagements are insightful, eloquent and very well researched. His extensive knowledge and experience will also allow James to answer questions and contribute to dynamic follow-up discussions. This also means that he is able to offer high quality 1-1 coaching services to business owners with sustainability goals or initiatives. James is also fluent in Spanish, so is available for speaking, training and coaching in Spanish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do our customised speaking engagements cost?

Every client and project is unique, so it is impossible to give a set price until we know your exact requirements and needs. Please get in touch with an overview of the speaking work that you are seeking. From there we can set up a meeting with you to discuss details further including provisional costs.

Who provides speaking engagements at island Innovation?

In most cases, you will be booking James Ellsmoor, our Founder and Director, who has wide-ranging experience in international politics, academic, non-profits, government and the private sector. Please get in touch via our contact page with an overview of the speaking work needed.

How can customised speaking engagements help my project?

To research, prepare and deliver a high-quality and engaging presentation takes a great deal of time and effort, as well as experience. While many people can be very knowledgeable on a particular topic, being able to inspire an audience is another skill entirely. The ability to combine specific expertise on a particular topic into a presentation that keeps an audience engaged throughout the full duration of a talk, can take many years of practice and dedication. James Ellsmoor can remove that stress for you, as well as freeing up your team members so that they can focus on working to their strengths. For businesses, good quality presentations will improve your reputation. Please email us via our contact page with details of a particular event that you need a speaker for.