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Digital Marketing and Strategic Communications

Marketing and communications planning specialising in sustainable development, energy and islands.

Our digital marketing services include copywriting, web design, social media strategy and management and video and photo editing. We can also provide training for your team and help them maximize the success of your marketing strategy, as well as providing clear actionable guidelines on how to successfully grow the reach and engagement of your online media.

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How we work

The marketing tactics employed depend on your objectives and resources. This is why we use virtual meetings to get to know your team and organisation. Once we’ve established your priorities we will create a marketing strategy or training plan to help you achieve your objectives. For our marketing services, we specialise in private companies with sustainability goals or initiatives, universities, government bodies and NGOs.

We are uniquely placed to provide insight into your target audience and the best approaches to engage them. We also have our own global community who are highly engaged. This is why we only take on clients who align with our values and mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your digital marketing and communications services cost?

Every client and project is unique, so it is impossible to give a set price until we have discussed your requirements. Please send us an email via our contact page with an outline of the marketing work you require. From there we can set up a meeting to discuss further including what this work will cost.

Who provides digital marketing and communications services at island Innovation?

This depends on which of the services you require. Island Innovation has a rapidly growing team and each member brings a set of valuable skills to the table. To create the perfect team for your project we need to fully understand your objective and resources. Please get in touch via our contact page with an outline of what you wish to achieve. We will then get in touch to discuss further. 

How can hiring Island Innovation help my marketing?

Setting up and running digital communications takes a great deal of time and effort. Our team can remove that stress for you, as well as freeing up your team members so that they can focus on working to their strengths. For businesses, well-run, high-quality digital marketing and communications channels improve your reputation.