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Virtual Events Organisation and Facilitation

Virtual events are now a requirement for every forward-thinking organisation, replacing conferences, trade shows and traditional prospecting methods. Not only are they more sustainable and cost effective, they are perfectly suited for the new working environment.

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How we work

We help you deliver successful virtual events and webinars and will support your team every step of the way. This includes:

  • Securing your speakers
  • Setting up the tech for your event and training your team
  • Marketing your event through digital channels
  • Reaching out to media outlets
  • Assisting with graphic design, web development and copywriting

There are many ways to create and promote virtual events and we provide bespoke services to find the exact platform and package to best suit your specific needs, rather than a generic out of the box solution. This is why we recommend speaking to us first, as it helps us understand if a satellite event is more suitable than a webinar series, for example. For our virtual event organisation and facilitation, we work with private companies who have clear sustainability goals or initiatives, universities, government bodies and NGOs, as well as individuals.

Our extensive experience in organising successful virtual events for clients, as well as our own, makes us virtual event experts. Our flagship event, the Virtual Island Summit, is one of the biggest events for sustainable development. It brought together over 10,000 island stakeholders via a week-long virtual event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does virtual event organisation and facilitation cost?

It all depends on your event requirements – no one event is the same! We work with clients to build custom events based on their needs. Please use our contact us page and provide an initial event brief.

How can hiring Island Innovation help my virtual event?

We are experts in virtual events. You can benefit from our years of experience. We sourced and tested a number of platforms so are well placed to advise you on the technology best suited to your needs. Island Innovations also offers marketing services and has a highly engaged community to which your event can be promoted.