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With oil and gas activity in the North Sea now well past its peak, Shetland is actively looking to renewables to power the islands and make a substantial contribution to the Shetland Islands economy as jobs and revenues from oil and gas production taper off in the years ahead.

Shetland has ambitious plans for the establishment of a hydrogen energy hub, producing blue and green hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, green hydrogen from the electrolysis of sea water using wind generated electricity. The ORION Clean Energy Project involves the Shetland Islands Council, OGTC and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and aims to use Shetland’s five to 10 gigawatts of offshore wind potential to power the production of hydrogen from seawater by electrolysis.

The idea is for the Isles to play a significant role in the decarbonisaiton of oil and gas production in the new fields to the west of Shetland, including Rosebank, Cambo and Claire South. Existing fields in the province, such as Ninian and Magnus, could also be included.

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