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Creating Sustainable Solutions With Digital Bridges

Creating Sustainable Solutions With Digital Bridges

At Island Innovation we’re building a global community of innovative individuals and organisations committed to sustainable development. We believe in the need for a digital network that transcends international boundaries and allows people from across the world to share ideas, knowledge and inspiration, in order to be able to help overcome some of the monumental challenges facing global communities in the 21st century. Helping island nations become more sustainable and resilient is central to this mission.

We’re rapidly growing, independent, and built on the support of our sponsors. We’re a social enterprise without advertising or corporate shareholders and we’re not run for profit. We’re creating a legacy – a globally connected community of changemakers committed to a sustainable future.

Our output is all actively positioned to lead to tangible results and positive political, social and economic change. You support means more time and resources can be put into creating the best possible content including our virtual events such as our annual Virtual Island Summit, where we endeavour to attract high profile speakers including heads of state, more in-depth reports, more videos, podcasts and social media content and sustainable pay for our writers, editors and designers.

Creating high-quality media and organising sustainable global networking events is expensive, but we believe what we’re doing is incredibly important and we hope you do too. That’s why we’re asking you to support Island Innovation by making a small donation each month, such as the value of one hour of your monthly wage, so that we can keep working to build the most impactful sustainable network in the world and create real long-term results.

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Sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous islands worldwide.