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Featured in Forbes and the BBC

EnergyX is a sustainable energy company focused on securing more sustainable lithium supplies for renewable energy., The company is developing technology and assets with the intention to become one of the premier, low-cost lithium providers for the growing lithium-ion battery industry.

Due to Island Innovation’s extensive experience in promoting renewable energy technologies, Teague Egan, CEO of EnergyX, contacted us to create and implement their promotional communication strategy. The company’s main objectives are to reach a greater online audience, to gain the attention of major media outlets and to attract investors.







We were asked to create the company newsletter, set up and manage their social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), write articles on their blog, and manage their PR including press releases

Through our work, Energy X has been featured in the BBC, Forbes, and and over one hundred other outlets. This has led to a substantial increase in positive press and new business opportunities, as well as allowing the brand to reach new and much larger audiences.

Press features and social media

"If you are looking for a top notch PR & communications firm in the renewables sector, I highly recommend the services of Island Innovation. Here at EnergyX, we wanted to develop and expand our promotional communications strategy, and after seeing the work and professionalism of James Ellsmoor we knew that they would be the great fit to get the job done. They have created our newsletter, managed our PR including features in Forbes, the BBC, and 100+ other placements, set up our social media channels keeping them updated with content, written articles on our blog, and much more. The work that Island Innovation has produced for us so far has been of a very high standard, leading to a substantial increase in positive exposure and new business opportunities for the EnergyX brand. If you own a sustainable business and need help to promote it, you should not hesitate to contact the Island Innovation team!"

Teague EganChief Executive Officer

Our Approach

We have been successfully working with EnergyX for over two years. Initially, to better understand the objectives of EnergyX, we set up a meeting between members of Island Innovation, including our director James Ellsmoor, and some of the EnergyX team, including their CEO and founder Teague Egan. We gained useful insight into the company history, vision and operation, all important elements for creating a successful marketing campaign. It is vital for people to understand  a company’s vision and the story behind a brand, before wanting to then invest time and money into it.

We regularly update EnergyX’s social media channels, including Teague Egan’s, with new and relevant content as well as producing the weekly newsletter. Regular content creation and promotion have been essential in helping EnergyX rapidly grow their online presence. Content shared includes news about renewable energy and media mentions.

What’s next for EnergyX

The future is bright for EnergyX as there is soaring demand for lithium and batteries to power EVs from Tesla and other companies. They have agreements in place with 4 of the top 10 lithium producers (customers) in the world. Governments around the world are imposing strict policies to rid fossil fuels and move to renewable technologies that require lithium batteries. If the company achieves its vision, they believe that EnergyX has the potential to become one of the most valuable and transformative technologies of all time.

The battery market today is $112 billion per year and expected to reach $546 billion per year by 2035, with Lithium being a key driver for the battery and energy storage market, and present in all forms of rechargeable batteries. We intend to keep delivering growth for EnergyX, as well as producing high-quality articles and press releases for the company, to help their innovative products reach as wide an audience as possible.

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