Abia Leonce

About Abia Leonce

I have always had a passion for sustainable development and the fight against climate change. This organization piqued my interest during a lecture I attended where James was the guest speaker discussing non-traditional security. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to be an Island Innovation Fellow. I am glad to report that I am working with Isable, an Island Innovation project manager on the Ambassador’s Program. There I intend to make a positive impact during my time in the program.

The team is very inclusive and welcoming and I can tell that everyone is passionate about the execution of these projects. As someone who worked as an administrative assistant and a teacher in the past, I am confident that my level of organization and adaptability will allow me to make the most out of this program.

As a citizen of a Small Island Developing State, the importance of environmental security seeps into many aspects of my life. I have altered my living to become more environmentally conscious. Furthermore, I have tried to spread awareness to my family and friends whenever I can. What would make my life fulfilling is if I could make effective change within my island community.

Surprising fact: I love learning about culture and languages, although I cannot speak them with total fluently as yet, I am learning spanish and japanese

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