Christian Zacchino

About Christian Zacchino

I am responsible for the research and management of our outreach databases, social media marketing – including our media channels operations and engagement. This is a varied role meaning I manage our subscription lists, design our communications campaigns and do video editing for our events and YouTube channel. Finally, I handle the event platforms construction, reports, invitations and technical support.

It has been a fantastic experience working at Island Innovation since its creation in 2018. It is amazing seeing how much growth has occurred in our company, how our team expanded, and how our main event, the Virtual Island Summit, has become hugely successful thanks to all the hard work we’ve put in.

Having graduated as a Systems Engineer, I believe everything is a system and that knowledge is infinite; we can learn something new every day. It’s also important to help spread out knowledge in every possible way. I also studied Business Management and Human Resources, fields I consider of fundamental value for every professional. I am also a strong supporter of remote work, it’s by far, the best way to work! Particularly when you love what you do.

I currently live in my home town of Porlamar, in Margarita Island, on the northeast coast of Venezuela. My island is gorgeous and landscapes here are very paradisiac, particularly at golden hour, which is the time of the day I enjoy most, taking pictures of the beautiful sceneries, particularly the sky, in my spare time. I wish that Margarita can become a sustainable island running only on solar and wind energy, there’s the potential to do so and I hope that people and leaders come together to make it happen soon. I am a strong supporter of sustainability, clean energy and making a positive impact on our earth – and as I always say: “if we don’t take care of our world, who else is going to?”

Secret skill: I love cooking and trying out new dishes. My specialties are Italian, Asian and Venezuelan dishes. I’m also pretty good at desserts.

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