Jerome Deiparine

About Jerome Deiparine

I joined Island Innovation in May 2021. I’m a graphic designer but I also assist in editing and publishing website content including client case studies.

What I love the most in working with this company is the outstanding collaboration. We shared common ideas and a passion for sustainability. It’s an honor for me to be a part ofthis team where I get the chance to work with other people across the globe. My care for the environment inspires me to do better and be productive.

I’m an undergraduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Mindanao Aeronautical Technical School College of Technology, Davao City, Philippines. The knowledge and skills that I acquired in engineering help me become innovative to come up with new ideas in my role in this company as a graphic designer. The Island Innovation team help me develop my talent and enhance my skill set.

Surprising fact: I like playing with different instruments such as guitar, piano, bass as well as the violin during my spare time

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