Julia Schneider Ignacio

About Julia Schneider Ignacio

I currently work at Island Innovation as Growth and Partnerships Manager, responsible for engaging sponsors on our Island Finance Forum virtual event. I love being part of a multicultural team that shares the same values and joins efforts for a more sustainable future.

During seven years I have lived abroad (France, South Africa and Colombia) where I acquired academic skills and professional development. I have a Masters degree in International Project Management, a Postgraduate degree in Neurosciences and Behaviour and a Bachelor in Business and Marketing. I have worked on several social projects addressing different agendas (Peace Process in Colombia, refugees in South Africa, reducing food waste, circular economy, among others.) These experiences required having an understanding of complex issues and communicating them in an bjective way to achieve the engagement and build a solid relationship with various stakeholders composed of funders, private sector partners, NGOs, government and the vulnerable population.

I currently live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and am an active volunteer at Institutos Rizomas, a project focused on socio-emotional skills and school tutoring for children and adolescents living in extreme adversity. I believe that every child can be an agent of transformation and in the power of collaboration to foster positive impact.

Surprising fact: During the past twelve years I have lived in eight different cities.

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