Kata Magyar

About Kata Magyar

I joined Island Innovation as the Director of Innovation Programs and Events in 2022 summer.

My background is in designing and facilitating programs for startup accelerators so my current position is the perfect combination of my previous experience and my passion for sustainability.

I love working at Island Innovation as I am learning so much about islands and their specific issues and the creative solutions day by day and through our projects I can feel part of our mission, to lead the world to a more sustainable future. We have an international team of experts, almost everyone on the team is part of an island community so they have first-hand experience of the different issues that islands face.

In my free time, I love traveling to get to know new places and cultures and spend time in nature, especially hiking.

Surprising fact: I am location independent the past 3 years continuously on the move, currently looking for my homebase

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Our flagship event, the Virtual Island Summit, is one of the biggest events for sustainable development. Every year, it brings together over 10,000 stakeholders from around the world for a week-long virtual event covering every timezone.