Linda Carti

About Linda Carti

I joined Island Innovation in September 2022 as a Digital Marketing Analyst. As a member of the content team, I work on creating email campaigns, social media copy and more. I first encountered Island Innovation’s work a bit before the Island Finance Forum 2022 and loved how enriching and accessible the event was. And now I’m here! I work with inspiring changemakers on projects close to my heart: amplifying the voices and empowering the work of island innovators worldwide, and accelerating positive change in our communities. I honestly believe that together we can make a greater impact & improve in various aspects of our societies.

I have a personal connection to and knowledge of issues pertaining to island communities. I was born and raised in Saint-Martin, a half French half Dutch island of the Caribbean, and my mother and her family are from Guadeloupe (my second home). I would love to do more sustainable and regenerative work on my islands, in the Caribbean and beyond. I was fortunate to be surrounded by cultural and linguistic diversity from a young age which made me super curious and open-minded. 2 of my passions: I love Art. I painted a lot when I was younger. I have started working on my graphic design skills a few years ago and recently learning about photography. I also love learning new languages and cultures, I speak French, English, Spanish and have basic command of Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. I would love to learn an indigenous language, and culture, from The Americas. 

I lived in France for 8 years, where I studied and traveled. I have a Master’s degree in Languages, Cultures and International Affairs of The Americas. I interned twice (remotely) for the UN Creative Community Outreach Initiative and Messengers of Peace team. I also worked for the Society of Audiovisual Authors where I engaged with European institutions and the public to raise awareness on audiovisual authors’ rights and the importance of the creative and cultural industries.

I love to travel (what a beautiful planet we have! I traveled in South Korea for a month, it was sooo great!), watch movies (do I want to learn filmmaking/ audiovisual production? Yes), to cook (mainly dishes from The Americas and East Asia but would love to try from elsewhere) and more. 

Surprising fact: I was the Vice president of my high school’s Student Council and first Interact Club (Rotary International) and my favorite project was painting frescoes of Saint-Martin’s fauna in the classrooms of our school to raise awareness of the importance of our biodiversity.

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