Nesa Constantine Beaubrun

About Nesa Constantine Beaubrun

I am the Director of Client Services, providing strategic support and direction on projects related to Digital Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Strategy. This is an exciting opportunity for me because Island Innovation is such an avant garde working environment. This is the future of work, remote, inclusive, innovative and exceptional professionals who are already thought leaders or potential thought leaders in their fields.

My previous work experience spans from hospitality to international development, but I am most proud of my entrepreneurial ventures. I recently sold my first company which was a Tour company in Saint Lucia. My entrepreneur journey started in 2014 and the highlight so far has been being able to attend Expo Dubai 2020 to explore new business relationships and develop ideas for a new venture in Relocation Concierge Services.

The most challenging role I have taken on is motherhood. I am mother to two creative and curious little girls, who are everything I wanted to be growing up. They are engaging, talented, adventurous and bold. Already making their mark at 5 and 18 months. I am teaching them that the world is bigger than the island they were born on and I hope that we can live in many continents before they are old enough to leave the nest. I think exposure and globalization is important. The world needs to learn from each other, best practices, share ideas, talents and treasures.

Surprising fact: I’ve always been the youngest manager in every company I have worked with probably until now…

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