Saibu Baba

About Saibu Baba

I am a social media manager and newsletter curator at Island Innovation. My day to day tasks in this role involve scheduling posts for Island Innovation’s social media platforms and that of our clients, curating our weekly newsletter, and managing our “News” section, where we gather interesting and important island stories from around the world every week.

In June 2019, I joined Island Innovation as a content manager Intern to help manage social media and James’ Forbes contributor account. After my internship ended August same year, I joined the team fully as a social media manager and newsletter curator – helping research the latest, inspiring, and development-oriented news about the world’s islands.

I graduated in 2016 with a In Accounting – but the paths I’ve walked, since I was a student, informed me that part of me belonged somewhere: sustainable development. As a result, I’ve worked extensively in this field, volunteering for the United Nations Development Program, The Energy Globe Award, one of the most prestigious global environmental awards, and many other SDG-related projects.

These journeys in the sustainable development and renewable energy paths led me to Island Innovation, and I have never looked back. I have learned a lot working with James Ellsmoor and every other team member. While we don’t brand ourselves ‘the best’, the conferences we’ve organized (and still do), the islands we’ve worked with and support, the sustainable development and renewable energy policies we’ve supported, and the partners we’ve worked with, it’s difficult to find such a gem in the island sustainability sector. If there’s anything keeping me with Island Innovation, it’s the enthusiasm of the team and our collective goal of making the world’s island nations and communities better, sustainably.

Secret Skill: I’m learning programming and drawing.

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