Subash Adhikari

About Subash Adhikari

I am working as a Business Research Assistant in Island Innovation. My main responsibility is to help the sales team by researching leads and analysing the overall sales performances.

I am a research enthusiast person who believes in learning and growing. My previous work experience included working in a tech company as a business executive, where I had the opportunity to work with clients from various regions of the world. In addition to that, my experience as a researcher in a think tank has helped me to develop new perspectives on learning and outlook the subject differently. I am here to share these experiences adding value to the island innovation team and learn from them.

I studied my Masters in International Business and Marketing from Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet , NTNU , Norway . Studying with more than 14 different nationalities in a single class and meeting new people while travelling across Europe was a great learning experience. I proudly can say that this has helped me to acknowledge diversity and multiculturalism and has guided me to be a better human. Likewise, Island innovation also has a team of diverse backgrounds from all over the world working remotely together, this has inspired me as part of this great team.

I am from a small and beautiful place called Pokhara in Nepal which has all the mountains, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful pastures. Growing in this place and being close to nature has helped me to love nature and planet earth. I love hiking and trekking so much, and taking photographs of nature and streets is my hobby . I can see the whole mountain range from my balcony, and sometimes it makes me sad to see less snow over the years since my childhood. I believe our responsibility towards nature has shrunk though we talk about how advanced we have become over the years, developing sophisticated technology. In Island innovation we work towards a sustainable world caring for the planet we live in, and being a part of this change is a privilege.

Surprising facts: I have trekked several mountains, some of them measuring up to 4700 m+ and solely travelled 8 countries.

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