Thaiz Maciel

About Thaiz Maciel

I currently serve as Marketing Director at Island Innovation and work towards promoting and facilitating sustainable development in islands and rural territories around the world. I love working here because it allows me to collaborate with brilliant people from many nationalities in a positive and productive environment. Besides that, I learn every day from people who are leading the transition to a more sustainable future.

For over ten years, I have been helping entrepreneurs and associations to pursue their dreams through digital strategies and humanized communications. I worked in technology startups and multinationals as a marketing leader. I also had roles in sales and project management.I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and specialized in Digital Marketing at the University of Lisbon. The will to change the world for the better through my work led me to a specialization in Social Innovation Management.

I believe in the power of communication and connections to build a better world. Besides traveling frequently, I have my home in Santa Catarina Island, in the south of Brazil. It is also known as Magic Island and is a great place to be in touch with the beauties and mysteries of nature. When I have some free time, I like surfing small waves and painting with watercolours.

Surprising fact: I visited 17 countries in one year.

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