Vincent Diringer

About Vincent Diringer

I am a content writer for Island Innovation. My main responsibilities include researching and writing articles based on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), sustainable development, and how islands are helping lead the way towards a better future. I also contribute to the company’s communications team by drafting official proposals and materials related to events such as the Virtual Island Summit.

With a background in environmental education and science communication, I am always working towards finding ways to encourage social action towards climate change mitigation. This, combined with my mixed background (French & Fijian), has driven me to advocate for island communities. As such, it has been truly inspiring to be part of a dedicated team that share the same passion for promoting sustainable development and calls attention to the work being done by islanders worldwide.

Having been involved with Island Innovation in some capacity for almost two years, I have witnessed how its growth has provided a platform for change-makers to lead a transition towards a sustainable future. It has highlighted how we can all work together to enact change, and I’m excited to see how far we can go.

I am currently splitting time between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands as I finish my Masters at Leiden University. The emphasis put on sustainability in the Netherlands and the UK’s presidency of COP26 combined with the growing social movements in both countries for climate action has been a truly encouraging experience.

Surprising fact: My first writing gig came as a contributor for SB Nation, for whom I helped cover the NBA’s Detroit Pistons between 2015-2016.

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