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Excerpt from Forbes

The narrative lately is all about the surge in Omicron cases, closures of businesses, schools and canceling of air flights and live events. While doom scrolling through social media, you’re missing out on something. Amidst the chaos and madness enveloping us, there are amazing opportunities available for the brave and intrepid. Under the radar, there is a stealth trend that could change your life.

Countries around the world that have been economically impacted by the virus outbreaks have opened their doors to digital nomads. They cater to wanderlust folks who are able to work remotely and excited about embarking upon an international adventure. Digital nomads, mainly white-collar knowledge workers, initially started relocating temporarily to beach towns, ski slopes and then ventured to far-off, international, exotic locations.

During the pandemic, a number of countries offered incentives to attract remote workers. As their economies were mainly tourism based, they were in dire need of revenue. Inducing knowledge workers to live and work in their country was a great way to bring in much needed revenue and taxes. Barbados, Estonia, Bermuda and Georgia have all opened their doors to Americans, inviting them to come, work, pay taxes and contribute to the economy. For example, in an open letter from Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, she warmly encouraged people to migrate to her country. “On behalf of our beautiful island of Barbados, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.”

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