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Sustainable tourism has become a lot more popular in recent years. It is especially popular in Hawaii. In fact, eco-friendly tourism might be essential to save the state’s wildlife and coasts.

Overtourism is an issue that is causing worry in vacation-worthy areas all over the world. However, Hawaii has been dealing with this concern for decades. One report shows that climate change is threatening 70% of the state’s coastline.

While other tropical holiday trends come and go, the Hawaiian islands have long been at the top of the world’s most attractive destinations, thanks to their stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains, Hawaii big island waterfalls, and jungles abounding with natural wonders.

When you combine a rich indigenous culture with a warm welcome, it’s easy to see why tourism is the backbone of Hawaii’s economy.

More About Hawaii

Hawaii has a strong tradition of environmental preservation. In their daily lives, the ancient Hawaiians not only recognized but also practiced sustainability. They had no choice! The ancient Hawaiians did not have the luxury of “importing” products from outside while they inhabited the islands.

They had the land beneath their feet and the ocean to rely on for sustenance, and even those resources had to last not only for their lifetimes but also for their future generations. As a result, these early inhabitants allied with the land and sea and built a complex social system that managed resources and prohibited using particular resources at certain periods of the year to allow those elements to regenerate themselves.

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