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2022 UN Ocean Conference

The Island Pavilion

The Island Innovation team will be on the ground at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference, providing live coverage and synopsis to connect islands around the world to what’s happening in Lisbon.

Our community is spread globally, and we want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the discussions taking place on the future of the ocean, especially those living on islands and coastal areas. During the Conference, we are going to present our virtual “Island Pavilion” where we will share key insights related to remote, rural and island communities and provide resources for both those physically attending and those following online.

By registering to the Island Pavilion, you will receive daily updates, news and extra resources from the UN Ocean Conference, as well as access to the agenda and side events for those attending in person.

2022 UN Ocean Conference

About the conference

A healthy ocean is vital to the livelihoods of billions of people, especially those living on islands and in coastal areas. Two-thirds of our planet is covered by water, and it is a key component of sustainable development. The health of our ocean is facing increasingly severe threats such as human-caused climate change, leading to rapidly warming ocean waters, overfishing, and growing levels of pollution, including massive quantities of single-use plastic. Protecting the ocean has never been more important.

The forthcoming Ocean Conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Kenya and Portugal, comes at a critical time as the world is strengthening its efforts to mobilize, create and drive solutions to realize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. As one of the first milestones of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ newly launched Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Conference will propel much needed science-based innovative solutions aimed at starting a new chapter of global ocean action.

Sustainable Development Goal 14:

Life Below Water

Adopted in 2015 as an integral aspect of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its set of 17 transformative goals, Goal 14 stresses the need to conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans, seas and marine resources.

Advancement of Goal 14 is guided by specific targets that focus on an array of ocean issues, including reducing marine pollution, protecting marine and coastal ecosystems, minimizing acidification, ending illegal and overfishing, increasing investment in scientific knowledge and marine technology, and respecting international law that calls for the safe and sustainable use of the ocean and its resources.

2022 UN Ocean Conference


2022 UN Ocean Conference News

Read the latest and most important UN Ocean Conference news articles and conversations here.

Suriname Implements Database To Fight Illegal Fishing

Suriname has announced plans to establish a database of all fishing boats registered in the Dutch-speaking Caribbean country…


Mysterious Die-Off Of Sea Urchins In The Caribbean Is “Very Concerning,” Scientists Say

Sea urchins are dying across the Caribbean at a pace scientists say could rival a mass die-off that last occurred in 1983…


USAID Backs $6.3 Million Madagascan Sea Cucumber And Seaweed Project

The orgnisation says that the initiatives are part of its effort “to elevate climate work and address the climate crisis”, by initiating new programs…


Scaling Palauan Tradition To Regional Fisheries: Q&A With Noah Idechong

There’s no one way to describe Noah Idechong. Born in the small Pacific island country of Palau…


Seychelles: Development Bank Of Seychelles Seeks Sustainable Fisheries Businesses And NGOs To Apply For ‘Blue’ Funding

The Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS) is urging Seychellois who are interested in sustainable fisheries activities to come forward…


On A Honduran Island, A Community Effort Grows To Protect Its Precious Reefs

At seven in the morning, the sun rises over Sandy Bay on the Caribbean island of Roatán, Honduras. The soft light seeps…


Welcoming strong #Pacific presence at the #UNOC2022 in Lisbon, Portugal's Foreign Minister João Gomes Cravinho has handed over Portugal’s application to become a Forum Dialogue Partner. Cravinho says he is keen strengthen Portugal’s relationship with the region.

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We are pleased to announce a renewed commitment between the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the Australian Government to further the efforts of the International Partnership for #bluecarbon. #UNOC2022 #SaveOurOcean #blueeconomy #UNESCO #IPBC

Abschlusssitzung der #Ozeankonferenz der @UN #UNOC #UNOC2022 in der Altice Arena in #Lissabon via @YouTube #OceanAction #OceanEconomy #OceanDecade #SaveOurOcean #Ozean #SDGS #SDG14 #SDG6 #Klimawandel #Klimakrise #COp26 #Weltmeere #Meere #Klimakrise

Abschlusssitzung der #Ozeankonferenz der @UN #UNOC #UNOC2022 in der Altice Arena in #Lissabon via @YouTube #OceanAction #OceanEconomy #OceanDecade #SaveOurOcean #Ozean #SDGS #SDG14 #SDG6 #Klimawandel #Klimakrise #COp26 #Weltmeere #Meere #Klimakrise

Abschlusssitzung der #Ozeankonferenz der @UN #UNOC #UNOC2022 in der Altice Arena in #Lissabon via @YouTube #OceanAction #OceanEconomy #OceanDecade #SaveOurOcean #Ozean #SDGS #SDG14 #SDG6 #Klimawandel #Klimakrise #COp26 #Weltmeere #Meere #Klimakrise

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Building A Blue Future: Harnessing The Hope Of The Ocean


What Is The Blue Economy And How Can It Help My Island?


Supporting And Financing Climate And Clean Energy Projects In The Indian Ocean


2022 UN Ocean Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend the Island Pavilion at the UN Ocean Conference?

Island Innovation’s mission is to drive sustainable change across islands and rural areas around the world. The severe threats our ocean faces are deeply concerning to us, as they have particularly severe consequences for islands. We are committed to helping our audience stay informed about this critical issue and doing everything in our power to help tackle the ocean crisis!

The UN Ocean Conference is an international event that has the potential to turn the tide on ocean conservation. We are planning to use this important opportunity by combining our knowledge of resilient, sustainable islands, with our proven ability to successfully collaborate with island communities around the world, to amplify the voices and knowledge of islanders to a global audience.

How much does the Island Pavilion at the UN Ocean Conference cost? Do I need anything to participate?

The Island Pavilion is totally free!! You can sign up here, and all you need to take part is an internet connection and the Zoom webinar software.

How do I participate?

All are welcome to participate in the Island Pavilion – feel free to invite friends and colleagues. Participants can take part in every session, or simply choose the sessions most relevant to them, and are all encouraged to join the social media conversation.

What is Island Innovation?

Island Innovation is a global network that connects island stakeholders through digital communication and events. Our platform helps drive sustainable change across island and rural communities by sharing innovative projects and best practices. Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with private sector companies, governments, universities, NGOs and utilities to connect them with the island stakeholders vital to the success of their sustainability projects.

Can I sponsor the Island Pavilion?

We have limited opportunities for sponsors of specific sessions or the event as a whole. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, contact us here, and we will be in touch.

How can I get involved with Island Innovation?

Thanks for your support! If you want to get involved with Island Innovation, take a look at our Ambassador and Fellowship Programs.