Meet Ellen, The Future Of Clean Maritime Transport

Meet Ellen, The Future Of Clean Maritime Transport

Islands have been stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding transit. On the one hand, they require vessels for transport and trading; on the other, modern boats and ferries running on diesel fuel pollute the air and water of the very islands they serve. Environmental concerns have finally gone mainstream. Industry and government have joined forces using carbon-reduced regulations and an expanding range of cleaner energy alternatives.
Meet Ellen, a 100% electric ferry powered by the world’s largest electric ferry engine and battery storage system. This vessel represents a breakthrough in clean maritime transport. Ellen was conceived as part of the Danish Natura project. Its purpose is to provide green transport for local residents and was partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. She weighs a hefty 747 tons and replaces a diesel ferry connecting the Danish islands of Als and Aero. Since entering commercial operation on August 15, 2019 through April 15, 2020, Ellen has completed 880 “silent” trips at 22 nautical miles for a total of 19,369 nm.
Her impressive stats include:
• 4.3MWh Leclanché battery energy storage system (similar to the capacity of 50 Model S Teslas)
• Annual saving of 2,000 tons of CO 2 (compared to diesel)
• Reduction of 42 tons of NOX, 2.5 tons of particulates and 1.4 tons of SO 2 per year
Join a panel of industry and government experts as they discuss the future of clean and quiet maritime transportation including a detailed look at Ellen and the innovations she brings to market and the implications to other forms of seagoing vessels.


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