Shining To The Future: Islands As Lighthouses Of Innovation

Shining To The Future: Islands As Lighthouses Of Innovation


This session will provide an insight into various projects across the Orkney Islands, showcasing how the local communities are shaping energy developments to solve problems and shine a light for island futures globally. Project case studies will include:

◦ The development of community-owned turbines in island communities across Orkney, here highlighted by Stronsay and Shapinsay.
◦ The SMILE project, where the Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre and Eday communities are collaborating with Samsö and Madeira on tackling the problems of grid constraints by managing smart demand to both increase local generation and value to community energy and create modern affordable heating.
◦ The ReFLEX project and how it is now further developing intelligent local community approaches to energy use in order to deliver just and inclusive net-zero transition; here supporting electric community owned and managed transport and mobility services, in Hoy and Eday.
The discussion will be complemented with questions from islands across the globe.


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