The Future of Hybrid Events

The Future of Hybrid Events


Organisations have had to adapt their event models during the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning from in-person events to virtual. The pandemic has truly highlighted the benefits of incorporating virtual formats into event strategies, with the notion of “Hybrid Events” becoming a hot topic of conversation.

What is aHybrid Event?
A hybrid event has both in-person and virtual elements. Both can be tailored to maximize the attendee experience. A hybrid event can follow many different formats and models which we will explore during this webinar.
Hybrid Events carry many benefits, including:

• Increases your audience reach
• Attracts a new client/customer base
• Grants access to greater attendee data
• Increases your ROI
• Provides the attendee with more flexibility and choice
• Drives community engagement
In this webinar we will guide you through the different hybrid models you can adopt into your event models, and share insight into best practices and strategies for the benefit of your organisation and community.

We will cover:
• What does the future of hybrid events look like?
• How to create engaging hybrid event experiences from concept to delivery.
• An overview of the different hybrid event models and the opportunities they each offer.
• How to drive engagement leading up to the hybrid event.
• How to utilise a digital content strategy.
• Capturing data and measuring success.
• How to connect and engage with each element of the hybrid event.


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