Virtual Hubs Instructions for Ambassadors

Virtual Hubs Instructions for Ambassadors


The Virtual Island Summit (7-13 September 2020) is a free and entirely online event designed to connect global islands to share their common
experiences through a digital platform. Join islanders from around the world to share ideas, good practices and solutions. The event focuses on innovation and ingenuity in island and rural communities, and this year has a special focus on finding solutions for recovery after many were impacted so much by the pandemic.
While the Virtual Island Summit 2020 has a global focus on various themes, we want to help translate these ideas into specific local actions. The Virtual Hubs program will help to transfer knowledge to local communities and lead to actions by making the VIS resources more relevant and accessible. We want these events to complement VIS and help prioritize local outcomes.
Ambassadors will be supported to coordinate and execute a virtual event aimed at the people living in their island, region or archipelago. These events will take place during August, leading up to the Virtual Island Summit and are designed to raise awareness of the event while also contributing towards an action plan of the local needs and highlighting how each location can benefit from participation.
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