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During the Virtual Island Summit 2021, the Falkland Island Government hosted a streaming presentation of two of the sessions deemed as most relevant to the Falkland Islands. Both sessions were streamed live on 8 September 2021. Sessions were streamed in the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce, and all stream attendees had the opportunity to submit questions. Following each session, we discussed the lessons learnt and how they can apply to the Falkland Islands.

Session 1: Forging the Future of Food: Building Security and Resilience in Agriculture.

Number of Participants: 7 – mostly from the Agriculture and Policy sectors.

Key Discussion topics: The wider use of hydroponics, weather-proof greenhouses, marketing of Falkland Islands products.

Session 2: Developing a Broad and Sustainable Island Curriculum.

Number of Participants: 5 – mostly from the Education sector including teaching and administrative staff as well as Public Health and the MLA for Education.

Key Discussion topics: retention of teaching staff to ensure the longevity of curricula, integration of local issues in the curriculum.

You can access all the sessions from the Virtual Island Summit 2021 by clicking here.

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