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“We have to believe, then act, if we want to win this race. We have to find a way to solve this issue. As it relates to energy, we need to see more funding.  However as much as the energy transition is important, there are cash flows associated with energy transition. Energy is one of the easier options to find funding solutions for, despite the lag in our energy transition.

Adaptation is where the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator would like to see the most attention being paid. The challenge continues to be cash flows. We’re protecting against future harm that is not specifically known. We’re projecting the considerable damage that we are likely to face. Figuring out how much to spend and where to start is incredibly daunting. We would like to see support to the region in funding adaptation and prioritizing that along with our energy transition.”

“Out of COP26 we are hopeful for better access to technology customized for the SIDS. E-mobility, for example. SIDS do not have scale through the lens of car manufacturers and for this reason access to the market for propulsion battery replacement or affordable vehicles at source is a barrier.

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