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Grow your audience and accelerate your performance
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No greenwashing.
We only promote organisations driving positive change

Our clients must align with the mission and values of Island Innovation.
We work in partnership with organisations looking to bring positive change to remote, rural and island communities across the globe. We will leverage our resources, amplify your message and build connections to help your company achieve its aims.

Our clients represent a range of industries including:

Island Innovation can help you:

  • Reach new audiences through digital communication
  • Organise a bespoke virtual event and secure high attendance
  • Find the right partnerships and collaborations 
  • Overcome administrative roadblocks and operational challenges

There is no one size fits all solution for clients. While there are commonalities between businesses across the industry, your needs will depend on internal resources, project maturity and operational challenges. Our strength is in our understanding of the sustainability landscape and the difficulties it can present. This means you get tailored recommendations which will drive change, rather than generic “out of a box” solutions.

We are a young and technologically savvy company which allows us to bring an innovative approach to projects. Our deep understanding of digital platforms and their power in reaching geographically remote audiences is one of the reasons we have been so successful for our clients.

Case Studies


Our Sustainable Energy client was featured in Forbes and the BBC

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Our team of experts working together remotely across the world, create customised, bespoke services for our clients to help deliver and exceed the results you are looking for.

Launch a virtual event
Develop a successful virtual event including marketing, promotion, live management and technical system design.
Promote your project
Digital marketing services, including copywriting, newsletter creation, PR, web design and social media strategy.
Get advice from sustainability experts
In-depth evaluations of the environmental impact of your organisation and strategic advice for increasing sustainability.