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Excellent sustainability performance is good for business

Forward-thinking leaders are committed to driving sustainable practices. However, this is not without challenges such as regulatory uncertainty and measurable impact on investment decisions.

Island Innovation helps utilities companies overcome barriers by providing expertise and a collaborative approach with governments. Through our marketing services, we can also help you build your brand and improve your reputation. Communication is central to changing attitudes of customers, governments and investors. 

Key numbers:


of utilities CEOs report that their company will employ new technologies to address sustainability issues over the next five years.


of utilities CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be important to the future success of their business.


of utilities CEOs identify governments as the most important stakeholder group that will impact the way they manage societal expectations.

How we can move your utilities company forward:

  • Connecting you with key government stakeholders and building your professional network
  • Accelerating the visibility of your work and commitment to sustainability issues
  • Rebuilding trust and showcasing your initiatives by helping you establish clear value metrics 
  • Organisation of virtual events or forums
  • Strategic advice for the long-term development of your organisation in terms of new technologies and innovations 
  • Help your team develop the right mindset and skills for sustainable development through workshops and training
  • Building valuable collaborations and partnerships 

Emissions reduction requirements and resource constraints are now standard for utilities but the complexities of dealing with multiple stakeholders remains. Island Innovation can help you navigate these challenges using the quadruple helix model:

We’ve worked in the environmental consultancy space for many years and can help you engage the right stakeholders for your operation. This can help you grow and secure a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace through obtaining a licence to operate and being partnered with growth opportunities. 

Managing competing strategic priorities and the complexities of integration can stop certain organisations moving forward with sustainability initiatives. Our consultancy services can help you align your objectives, rather than having to sacrifice sustainability.

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